What Is Crohn’s Disease?

There are a group of diseases that fall under inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and Crohn’s disease is one of them. Crohn’s disease often affects the area at the end of the small intestine or beginning of the large intestine but can affect the digestive tract in any area. When you’re dealing with a flareup, you might experience severe pain and it can cause long-term complications. Dr. Moshe Rubin in New York, NY, and serving Manhattan, NY, can explain what Crohn’s disease is and how it can be managed.

Dealing with Crohn’s Disease

If Crohn’s disease is left untreated, it can severely affect your life and lead to further complications down the road. Crohn’s disease can cause you to experience cramps, frequent diarrhea, blood in your stool, constipation, frequent and urgent need for a bowel movement, and pain with your bowel movements.

If you’re experiencing more than one of those symptoms, it’s important to talk to your gastroenterologist serving Manhattan and New York, NY, about testing for Crohn’s disease as soon as possible. The sooner you have your diagnosis, the sooner treatment can start.

Your doctor will develop a treatment plan that is specifically designed with you in mind and will help reach all of your needs when dealing with pain from Crohn’s disease. This treatment plan could include changes in your diet, medications, and in severe cases, surgery. It’s important to follow whatever instructions your doctor gives you so that you can avoid complications and live with as little pain as possible.

Contact Your Gastroenterologist Today!

Crohn’s disease is a serious issue and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Contact Dr. Moshe Rubin in New York, NY, and serving Manhattan, NY, to learn more about Crohn’s disease and find out if it’s affecting you. Call for more information and to schedule your appointment today at (212) 772-1012.

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