Helping You Manage Your Gerd Symptoms

If you suffer from GERD in Manhattan, NY, Dr. Moshe Rubin can help you find relief from your symptoms and get back to living.

Managing GERD Symptoms

Anyone who lives with GERD in Manhattan, NY knows how uncomfortable and disruptive a flare-up can be. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize these effects, including those below.

Lifestyle Changes 

Sometimes, simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference in your GERD symptoms. Dr. Rubin can help you form an individualized plan, but the following are some of the most common and effective changes.

  • Watch what you eat: Many people’s GERD symptoms are triggered by specific foods, such as onions, chocolate, sodas, citrus juice, and tomatoes. Pinpointing your triggers can help you make better food choices. Also, it’s helpful to eat smaller meals several times a day than a few big ones.
  • Watch when you eat: Eating too close to bedtime can cause symptoms to flare up. Try to eat at least two hours prior to bed.
  • Lose weight: One significant factor with GERD is weight, as the more weight you carry, the more pressure you have on the muscle that helps keep acid down in the stomach. By dropping some weight, you can take that pressure off.
  • Quit smoking: It may be easier said than done, but smoking can weaken that muscle. The weaker it is, the easier the acid can travel back up.
  • Raise your upper body when you sleep: If possible, get a bed that you can raise the head upon while you sleep. If it’s not possible, try finding something – like a wedge pillow – that you can put beneath the upper part of your mattress.

OTC Antacids

Over-the-counter antacids can help provide relief during a flare-up by neutralizing the acid. However, it’s not something you should rely on all the time. If you find yourself eating antacids like candy, you should seek help as soon as possible.

Seek Help

If GERD is affecting your life and lifestyle changes don’t seem to be making a difference – or not a big enough difference – Dr. Rubin can help. He’ll take into account your symptoms and everything you’ve tried so far to manage your symptoms so that he can develop an effective treatment plan. In some cases, he’ll also utilize tests, such as an X-ray or endoscopy, to get a comprehensive understanding of your condition.

Don’t let GERD control your life in Manhattan, NY. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Rubin by calling (212) 772-1012 today.

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