How Will a Doctor Investigate My Gastric Problems?

Dr. Moshe Rubin can help diagnose and treat a broad range of digestive conditions and will do what he can to help you. For example, he can provide an endoscopy in Manhattan, NY, that can spot various conditions. When you visit us, you'll go through a series of tests and diagnostic steps to identify the problem impacting your digestive health.

Do a Quick Symptoms Test

When you have digestive problems, your doctor will sit down with you and do a series of quick symptoms checks. Typically, they'll ask you how you feel, where your pain originates, when it started, how intense the pain is in your system, and ask about your eating habits. They can then perform blood tests and other quick examinations to get an idea of any imbalance in your system.

After this quick analysis, they can develop a likely problem and then use a series of steps to diagnose it. Finally, they try to verify the condition by checking for more intensive symptoms and examining your digestive tract using various tools. For example, you may need to get an endoscopy in Manhattan, NY, to spot these common concerns and ensure that you don't have any long-term diseases.

Tests Your Doctor May Use

Your doctor may start by using an abdominal imaging test with ultrasound, MRI, or CT scan to get an idea of what may be affecting you. These scans give them an insight into your body that will spot any potential concerns. They may then need to use X-rays to examine the upper GI tract, a barium enemy to X-ray the lower GI tract, a colonoscopy to check the entire intestine, and more.

For instance, they may need to check your urine and fecal samples to get a more profound examination into what may be affecting you. They may even have to test your pancreas to ensure that it operates correctly. These tests will be chosen based on your symptoms and what a doctor believes affects you. If they find no signs with one test, they'll try another to narrow their options.

Get Help With Us

If you're concerned about your digestive health and need any tests, don't hesitate to contact Dr. Rubin immediately to set up an appointment. We can provide you with an endoscopy in Manhattan, NY, that will meet your needs. Again, don't hesitate to call us at (212) 772-1012 to set up an appointment. We'll work with your schedule to get you in as soon as possible.

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